2006 Mr.Olympia

2006 Olympia Bodybuilding Show

The 2006 Mr.Olympia was an Epic show that was won by Jay Cutler. Jay finally beat out the KING Ronnie Coleman earning a check for $155k. Second place went to the king himself Ronnie Coleman earning a cool $91k. This was the first time in 8 years that Ronnie Coleman wasn’t first place. Ronnie’s winning streak started the year after Dorian Yates retried from the Olympia stage. Third place was won by Victor Martinez earning him a check for $60k. Fourth place was taken by the blade Dexter Jackson earning him a check for $48k. Melvin Anthony won $38k by grabbing the 5th place trophy. So that was a pretty impressive top 5 running.

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The 2007 Olympia was another great Olympia, everyone though Ronnie may reclaim the title, did he? I’m sad to say he did not finish in first place once again first place was taken by now two time Mr. O Jay Cutler. This earned  Jay a check for another $155k, while Ronnie fell all the way too the number 4 spot only earning him $48k. This would be the final Olympia for one of the greatest of all time, after the 2007 Mr.O Ronnie Coleman announced his retirement. Later opening his company Ronnie Coleman Supplements.